Different Career Paths in Tech

January 3, 2017

Technology is everywhere and the tech industry just keeps growing. And with this growth comes more jobs, but it's not just coding and programming. We asked Steven Ostrowski, Director of Corporate Communications at CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association) about lesser-known tech jobs and what's needed to get one.

When we think tech jobs, programming automatically comes to mind. What are other areas that are often overlooked when searching for jobs in the tech industry?

Coding and programming are certainly positions that employers are looking to fill, and offer opportunities for long-term careers. But tech jobs go far beyond that. What happens once the code is written and the program installed?

For every worker who writes code, there are two technology workers in non-coding roles: desktop support, database administration, network configuration, cloud computing, and cyber security, to name a few. These are good paying jobs, often starting out in the $50,000 range and advancing to six-figure salaries.

In Q3 alone U.S. employers – not just tech firms, but companies in all industries – had 600,000-plus openings for security professionals, network administrators, IT project leads,  help desk technicians and other technology roles that keep the businesses of America connected and communicating.

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